Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lynchburg, VA Tax Day Tea Party (As part of the national

The Event

The Official National Tax Day Tea Party in Lynchburg, VA is taking place on April 15th at 6pm at the base of 9th street behind DPO Grill and Amazement Square.

Congressman Virgil Goode will be speaking, as well as Councilmen Scott Garrett and Jeff Helgeson. Local businesspeople will be sharing their stories of how the current tax system is sinking or has sunk their businesses. A singer is being confirmed for the event and media is planning on attending.

Considering that we have decided to give the floor at the rally to local business people who have been affected by the bailouts, stimulus, and increased taxes, and whether it has been a total drop in sales because of the Freddie and Fannie schemes, or the new "rich man" tax that destroys small businesses, we would like to have you tell your story. Please let us know if you, or someone you know, is interested in speaking.

Here's what you can do now!!!

~Join Facebook and send invites to friends:

~Make signs to pass out on the day of the event

~Spread the word however you can: this is just getting off the ground and hopefully we’ll have the speakers confirmed early next week to help with promo.

~Beware of many copycat groups on the web that we need to keep aware of ( Locally, there is another Tax Day Tea Party group that is trying to hold their event on the steps of Monument Terrace from 3pm-8pm. They have refused to join our event for silly reasons and we have no choice but to try to minimize their event for the health of the National cause. The national website is intent on hosting one event per medium sized city, however it seems as though these individuals are set on holding a totally separate event.

~Purchase a "Declaration of Liberty" flag for just $5, shipped! You can view the flag at This a not for profit venture. They are spending a lot of time and money to try to save our freedoms and return to the principles of the constitution.

It should be a great event and will really show people that Tax Day is the day we call for FREEDOM FOR GOVERNMENT with lowered taxes and limited government!


  1. Thanks for posting this. Hoping to be there on the 15th.

  2. is there a facebook group for lynchburg to join?

  3. sure is....

  4. Brendan;

    Can you put a link to on this and the facebook page?